Renowned author with thousands of students across 120 countries, Rudolph ROSENBERG is best known for leading the “As Simple As Finance” initiative which aims at giving access to as many people as possible to the tools they need to demystify Finance and make it as simple as it really is…

Can you tell me what “As Simple As Finance” is?

“As Simple As Finance” is both an initiative and a program that I have created a few years ago when I realized that too many people out in the world where in need of harnessing the basics of finance.
It’s an initiative in the sense that there are numerous actions being taken every day to bring those basics of finance to as many people as possible where I am doing all I can to pass on my vision of finance. My vision being that all you need to get ahead in Finance is to have some common sense and know the basic concepts. But if there is no one out there to tell you what those concepts are, in a simple and intelligible way then it can be indeed a complex endeavor.
As for the program side, I have decided a couple of years ago to go a step further and dedicate part of my time to mentor a very small group of entrepreneurs and support them with their project. The entrepreneurs I help are passionate about what they do and the mission they have set themselves on, and I deeply respect that. It is therefore a pleasure for me to take a few hours every week to help them succeed.

How do you personally contribute to this initiative?

First of all, I see the program I just described as one way for me to contribute to the initiative although it is limited to a very small group of entrepreneurs since I rarely coach more than 5 entrepreneurs at any given time.
But there are other activities I am doing which help me bring the basics of finance to as many people as possible.
First, I have partnered with Lynda.com, one of the leaders in online learning to create a set of courses which can be accessed by anyone in the world with a simple internet connection. When we first started discussing that project, I really liked the mission that Lynda.com was on and their positive spirit of empowering people to become who they want to be by having access to hundreds of courses online. It was also very important for me that my courses would be accessible at a very low price as by its very nature, it was not intended for the elite but rather to have it accessible to virtually anyone.
Then, I spend a fair amount of time participating to events and lecturing about basic finance concepts. For example, there are recurring topics such as understanding financial reports, or about financial analysis, but in very practical ways so that entrepreneurs can directly apply that to their own projects or companies.

Can you tell us what you are working on at the moment?

Of course, up to now I have been dedicating a lot of time to the understanding of finance and how to analyze company data to make decisions. It’s been some time now that I’ve been asked to develop a course of raising funds in the context of growing a startup, so I have decided to focus now on that major aspect of finance and to add to it an entire course on bootstrapping. This is a natural next step for anyone who has harnessed basic financial literacy.
That’s the funny thing about finance; it is so entangled in everything a company does that it is in fact one of the foundations to its survival. You can’t escape understanding it. Actually you can, by being the best sales person ever, and making 10 times more efforts than necessary, you can delay the need to understand finance. But if you want your company to be successful as fast as possible, you have to understand at least the basic concepts. So it is in that spirit that I am putting those new courses together.

When will those courses be released?

Right now we are looking at a release date in the first quarter of 2015.

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