Who I am
I’m a Husband and a Father
I’m a Chief Financial Officer
I’m a LinkedIn Learning Insider: a group of experts in their fields selected by LinkedIn to share their knowledge on their learning platform
I teach Leadership, Finance & Business
I write about Personal Development
I’m a lifelong Learner
I personally answer every single request or email I receive
I’m accessible if you need my help

Why I do what I do
Why do what I do? Why write? Why teach? To simply help my fellow humans. Technology is changing the world around us faster and faster and I believe that to keep up you have to develop yourself continuously. By development I mean that you need to manage your career as an entrepreneur manages his company, with the same leadership, business acumen and curiosity beyond your area of expertise. So I write and teach those who want to grow their inner entrepreneur and tap into the massive opportunities the world has to offer.

What is this website about
This website is the one place where you can find everything I publish, course and articles. If you like my courses and/or articles, this is the place to connect with me. Connecting is an important part to all of this and if there’s one thing you can be sure of is that I always answer personally every email or contact request or connection request. So feel free to reach out, this is what this website is about!

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