Why you won’t get the feedback you asked for (and how to get it)

By now you’ve probably heard already a thousand times how important feedback is, and it is. Many of us have the tendency to rely solely on our own impression to determine how things are going. We think about how we felt when that meeting ended and if we felt good about it then surely it went well. Same thing with our relationships at home and at work. Continue reading

I’m so good that I’m replaceable…

I was having a conversation last week about strategies to move ahead and be recognized for your work and I wanted to relate some of it here today. The question being discussed was the following: should you make yourself irreplaceable, center to key processes and sole holder of high value knowledge or should you do the exact opposite and make yourself as replaceable as possible by organizing processes, knowledge and power so that people could wonder if you’re actually needed for things to run smoothly? Continue reading

How to turn around your bad day in less than 2 minutes

Have you ever had a day that started really bad? Within the first few hours, it was just problem after problem? By 10am, you knew this would be a bad day, didn’t you? Well, many entrepreneurs don’t see it that way and I don’t either and as a result, we don’t have nearly as many bad days… Continue reading