How to turn around your bad day in less than 2 minutes

Have you ever had a day that started really bad? Within the first few hours, it was just problem after problem? By 10am, you knew this would be a bad day, didn’t you? Well, many entrepreneurs don’t see it that way and I don’t either and as a result, we don’t have nearly as many bad days…

Entrepreneurs can’t afford to have bad days. When you’re on a short runway to get your company off the ground you need every single day you can get and give it your best shot. At the same time, entrepreneurs are not immune to bad news and days starting bad. On the contrary, when you start your company, there are many things that can go wrong and ruin your day.

So how do entrepreneurs get just as many bad news as everyone else and not have as many bad days? Well it’s quite simple, for most of us, when something goes wrong in the morning, we jump to the conclusion that it’s going to be a bad day, and so we go through our entire day with that thought in mind waiting for the worst to happen. Entrepreneurs do something different, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously, because they can’t afford to have bad days and here’s what they do, and you should do too:

  • Don’t assume that because something went wrong in the morning then your entire day is going to be a bad one. Usually those events are completely disconnected from one another and it is illogical to assume they would all go wrong on the same day
  • Recognize that you are the only common element in all the events of your day and that if they all go wrong one after another, then it’s probably because of you. Don’t get mad at everyone and everything because your bad start of the day put you in a foul mood. If you’re driving and everyone around you is stressing you out, then maybe you’re the one not driving as you usually do…
  • Pause for a second, breathe deeply and consciously decide to restart your day. From that point on, it’s a new day and everything is again possible…

We all have bad days, but the only moment when we can say a day is bad is the following morning, once the day has passed and it was indeed a bad day. Many times, we decide it’s a bad day before it has even begun and unconsciously ruin the rest of the day because we expect the worst.

This is key to understand and it’s even more important to master the resetting process so that you give a chance to your days to be good ones, even if they started bad.

Here’s a short video from Brenda Bailey-Hughes’s course called “Being Positive at Work” about decreasing negative thoughts which gives additional pointers towards not letting negative things take control of your day at work.

There’s a 5 step process I use every time I want to turn a bad day around. I’ve put it in a 1-page guide to walk you through this process step by step. It’s in PDF format so that you can print it and keep it with you or pin it at your desk ( You can download it here). You can use it every time you feel your day is not going the way you’d like it to go so that you can reset it and start again…

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